Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bob Garfield's Track Record

Bob Garfield is actually still conflicted about stating the obvious truth that the Bush administration lies and breaks the law on a daily basis. He resents being forced by the administration to have to do it. He knows it's true, but he still refuses to accept it.

No such ambivalence when it comes to shooting down experiments in journalistic reform. This is a pretty stunning, but sadly typical exhibit of the liberal wing of the media's Stockholm Syndrome.

Poor Bob Garfield is in danger of being compared to Amy Goodman for telling the truth. Pass the smelling salts!

Gotcha journalism's assumption of cynicism and bad faith simply can't be presupposed when it comes to those in power with a track record of nothing but.
But one exchange with an experiment in journalistic reform he personally misrepresents and the gloves are off, he's calling out liars and demanding apologies.

The evidence is clear: Jay Rosen is a greater danger to the republic than George W. Bush so he must be held to a stricter standard.

Aside from fear or self-loathing, this is the only possible logical premise that could support Bob Garfield's clownish double standard.

Either way, Bob Garfield upholds a truly noble tradition of abject obeisance to authority and contempt for reform. Congratulations, Bob, you and the Democratic congress are on the same dysfunctional page!