Monday, May 08, 2006

Mark Kleiman: Knights in White Satin

Mark Kleiman has a post up defending Ana Marie Cox from Atrios and Digby at The Reality-Based Community, Atrios and Digby on Cox on Colbert. He characterizes Cox's column as "trenchant, sensible, and well-written." That is his characterization of the following lines:

Ana Marie Cox
The blogospheric debate — whining, really — about the mainstream media's "silence" on Colbert rumbled into existence with a post by Peter Daou.
This is surely "trenchant, sensible, and well-written" if you are a producer for Fox news. Cox's dimissal of widespread outrage over the MSM's news blackout of Colbert's Washington Correspondents Dinner Speech, the most cogent critique of Washington press malfeasance in the last five years, as simply another case of misguided, ill-informed liberals gratuitously getting their panties all in a bunch could easily have come from Phyllis Schlafly.

Kleiman's paternalistic "white knight to the rescue of the helpless social-climbing sorority girl without principles" act is major clowning in its own right. As he suggests, truly a lesson in grrl power for us all.

Cox's performance of the official GOP delegitimation of liberalism, her recitation of the reflexively "pro-GOP contempt for anyone else" common wisdom of the Washington bubble relentlessly promoted by the dominant press and broadcast media with a breathlessly "new" blogospheric enthusiasm is no doubt a public service. Kleiman's playing Sancho Panza to Cox's Don Quixote? I'm speechless.