Thursday, July 07, 2005

Judith Miller: Protecting Libel and Corruption as Moral Imperative

Re: Go Easy on Miller (5.00 / 1) (#46)
by Anon. TPMCafe Denizen on Jul 07, 2005 -- 07:26:03 AM EST

Judith Miller is being held up as a 'journalistic hero'. That is SO very far from the truth that I feel no compunction whatsoever about 'demonizing' her with the facts.

Judith Miller wrote false stories about 'aluminum tubes for Iraq nuclear program', 'weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq', and 'trailers proven to be mobile weapons labs'. The most charitable thing which can be said about any of these is that she accepted government propaganda unquestioningly and didn't go looking for the readily available evidence to the contrary. You say that she made some mistakes and we shouldn't act like these bad stories are ALL Judy Miller is about... maybe, but has SHE acknowledged that these were mistakes? NO! She has been an arrogant popinjay about it with her, "I was fucking right!" nonsense after she printed the 'mobile labs' lies. The Times gave a mea culpa for their horrifically bad reporting... Judy Miller did not. Further... after the administration used her to spread propaganda to lead this nation into war on false pretenses what did she do? She PROTECTED them. She is PROMOTING propaganda, corruption, and criminal behaviour in government by effectively saying 'you can lie to me and use me to commit treason and I will not turn you in'.

How very 'noble' and 'principled' she is...

The First Amendment and freedom of the press are meant to ensure that the media are protected from the government so that they can spread the truth and expose corruption.

Judith Miller is trying to use these principles to spread propaganda and shield corruption.

She is performing the very antithesis of the journalistic function... acting as the government's lapdog rather than its watchdog. She belongs in jail far longer than the three months she has gotten... so far.