Monday, June 13, 2005

Harry Shearer: When Will Political Theology Meet the Press?

At Pressthink, Harry Shearer challenges Bush Republican credo that an ethical US press must be a chauvinist US press:
You quote a National Review writer thusly: "Readers expect a certain amount of American-ness in their reporters. They expect that since the source of these reporters’ liberties is the U.S. Constitution, then perhaps they owe the U.S. a tiny bit of loyalty."

Don't conservatives, and Christians, and the Founders, believe that the source of these reporters' liberties (and those of the rest of us) is (to use one formulation) Nature and Nature's God, not the Constitution? Isn't it an article of conservative faith that it is liberal dogma to suggest that rights originate in government or in government documents, even founding documents? Shouldn't the guy from National Review get his theology of rights straight?

Would that intellectual coherence mattered to "the movement."

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