Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Downing Street Memo: Say Hello to Your un-Free Press in Your un-Free Country

What are we to make of the effective mainstream media muzzling of the Downing Street memo? It strikes me as a paradigm case of the domestic US media setting an agenda that looks like demented fantasy from the perspective of any other press culture on earth.

Why do we have wall-to-wall echo-chamber treatment of White House psy-ops on Newsweek and almost no mention of what appears to be extremely credible information that may establish beyond the shadow of a doubt that Bush is at the very least a liar? How will we know if the press refuses to cover it?

FEAR OF THE TRUTH AND ITS POLITICAL CONSEQUENCES is the phrase that most immediately comes to mind when describing current non-coverage. Despite Kevin Drum's call for a press spine, press non-coverage suggests the mainstream believes it has already lost the culture wars. Do they now neuter themselves out of fear rather than respect for the truth?

In any event, we'll have to have an independent counsel investigate OR A FREE PRESS THAT DOES ITS JOB before we find out how completely intelligence was manipulated and precisely how many impeachable offenses he may have committed.

Outside of faith-based press initiatives (like making the literally incredible assertion that George W. Bush is not a serial liar), is there any way to interpret the effective news blackout that doesn't lead to the conclusion that we no longer have a free press in the United States of America?

The only other possible coherent defense of Bush administration behavior is the posiiton that the US is not and should not be a democracy in matters of security and national defense. Does a decades long state of emergency (W.W.II--Cold War--"War on Terror") effectively mean we've given up on democracy? Is that good enough? Has the press already thrown in the towel?

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