Monday, March 07, 2005

You Want to End Terrorism?

Be at War with your Vice, at Peace with your Neighbors, and let every New-Year find you a better man.--Poor Richard

"They hate our freedom1," as well as "what we see right here in this chamber: a democratically elected government [...] they hate our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and to assemble and to disagree with each other2."

Your President is basically telling you it is treasonous to think about how history relates to world opinion of US military action. Be afraid of a government that tells you not to think. This is the mindset of Tojo.

Juan Cole:
Let's think about terrorism in the past few decades in a concrete and historical way, and it is obvious that it comes out of a reaction to being occupied militarily by foreigners. The Muslim Brotherhood developed its Secret Apparatus and began committing acts of terror in the 1940s in Egypt, which the British had virtually reoccupied in order to deny it to the Italians and then Germans. The Brotherhood assassinated pro-British judges and pro-British politicians (the British installed the Wafd Party in power). The Brotherhood had grown to some half a million members by 1948. Some Brothers also volunteered to fight in Palestine against the rise of Israel, which they saw as a colonial settler state...
You want to end terrorism? End unjust military occupations. By all means have Syria conduct an orderly withdrawal from Lebanon if that is what the Lebanese public wants. But Israel needs to withdraw from the Golan Heights, which belong to Syria, as well. The Israeli military occupation of Gaza and the West Bank must be ended. The Russian scorched earth policy in Chechnya needs to stop. Some just disposition of the Kashmir issue must be attained, and Indian enormities against Kashmiri Muslims must stop. The US needs to conduct an orderly and complete withdrawal from Iraq. And when all these military occupations end, there is some hope for a vast decrease in terrorism. People need a sense of autonomy and dignity, and occupation produces helplessness and humiliation. Humiliation is what causes terrorism.

Foreign Occupation Has Produced Radical Muslim Terrorism