Sunday, February 06, 2005

With Iraqi Election, US Media Once Again Exchanges Journalism for Fake News

'Tis Easier to prevent bad habits than to break them.--Poor Richard

The Return of the WMD Coverage Model of "Journalism"?

Take dictation from government sources and above all, do not do any independent reporting or rudimentary fact-checking.

Greg Mitchell:
Media Mangles Iraq Vote

Are the turnout numbers routinely cited by the press – 8 million and 57% – supported by reality? And was the outpouring of voters in Sunni areas really "surprisingly strong"?

Everyone, of course, is thrilled that so many Iraqis turned out to vote, in the face of threats and intimidation, on Sunday. But in hailing, and at times gushing, over the turnout, has the American media (as it did two years ago in the hyping of Saddam's WMDs) forgotten core journalistic principles in regard to fact-checking and weighing partisan assertions?

It appears so.

Media Mangles Iraq Vote