Sunday, February 27, 2005

What Time is It? It's Guckert Time!

A true great Man will neither trample on a worm nor sneak to an Emperor.
--Poor Richard

Check out Jay Rosen's latest Press Think post, In the Press Room of the White House that is Post Press. He takes on the task of thinking through what it means that Bush and his minions like Scott McClellan relish the idea that Jim Guckert IS a perfect fit for the White House press room. They are actively seeking to de-certify the press--to claim that they have no public interest function, they are themselves a special interest.

From the comments section:

I completely disagree with this article. Btw, I am not a journalist. I think Bush and his administration can answer questions of whoever they like. The media are the ones that have put themselves in this position, by their constant refusal to present straight information.

Why should Bush et al cater to people who are going to attack him and misrepresent him right off the bat? They want to get information out the way they want it and they have a right to do that, indeed an obligation to do so with voters like me. You can still talk about the Patriot Act all you want, indeed you are here. You can watch it on local TV and read and report your opinions, and take it apart then.

After watching Helen Thomas scream left wing propaganda in the WH press room for thirty years, and seeing Bush attacked so severely since before he came in office, it is hard to have much sympathy for this conversation. The reason you guys are being cut out is right here in this thread, all these assumptions and biases. The best evidence, for example, shows that McClellan didn't have anything to do with allowing Gannon into the WH press room. Indeed, he was there under Arie Fleischer. The head of the WH press association said as much, that these passes happen at a much lower level and are regularly given out to a lot of "coconuts". Writers here assume that the WH is doing something crooked. Most normal people fail to see what that is.

This combined with no one in the press complaining about the fact that Hillary Clinton has done the same, refusing to talk to reporters for years now, where is the outrage about that?

And did you know Gannon was gay? Shock gasp gasp!!! Gay gay gay gay, and he was in the WH? Oh my God how can that happen.

Reporters are turning into used car salesman, and all you need to know about why is to read this thread.

Posted by: napablogger at February 26, 2005 03:42 AM | Permalink

Guckert is a gay-bashing gay Republican political and sexual prostitute, to be accurate.

It's Bush's support for prostitution of the US government and the media that is revealed here. And the close ties of the band of gay-hating gay Republican brothers to that project. And clearly many Republicans love them for it, as long as they hate anyone like their gay selves. What's not to like in a fellow gay-basher? Don't ask, don't tell. Hey, didn't you guys have a problem with that during the Clinton administration?

The prostitution part is just truth in political advertising. And just to refresh your memory, prostitution is not a sexual orientation or a private preference, it is a profession which involved advertising. Bloggers exposed Guckert's own ad campaign! What privacy does ad copy call for exactly?

"More political prostitutes in the White House Press Room, pronto!" That is your message and your proud of it?

Posted by: Mark Anderson at February 26, 2005 03:14 PM | Permalink

Mark Anderson, Barney Frank had a gay prostitution ring out of his own house. No big deal I guess. Byrd used to be KKK.

All the people screaming about Gannon being a gay prostitute are liberals. It really has nothing to do with whether he is a good reporter or not, although I admit it is sleazy. But so is Barney Frank and Robert Byrd as far as I am concerned.

None of that is fair in evaluating whether or not Gannon is a good reporter, and for liberals to leap on this so strongly as they have does not seem like anything other than opportunistic Republican bashing.

It is totally unrelated to what this site is calling "decertification" of the press by Bush. To call it that is another term of propaganda, to slightly exaggerate what Bush is doing in order to push a point of view. Isn't that an attempt by Rosen to "decertify" Bush's view toward the press?

One could go round and round with this, I suppose, but my point is that the question is, is it ok for Bush administration officials to answer questions of whomever they like? To me it seems like if Bush didn't do that he would drown and never get anything done. If Hillary did that she could just write off ever being President because all she would get are questions about all the scandals she has been involved in.

I think what a press site like this ought to be focused on is not how martyred everyone feels by Bush, but on how the press could be more responsible about themselves.

Posted by: napablogger at February 26, 2005 06:34 PM | Permalink

You can't seem to process the GAY-BASHING gay prostitute part of the story. Was Barney Frank campaigning for a constitutional amendment against gay marriage when a gay prostitution ring was traced to his housekeeper? No.

Was Robert Byrd campaigning for the civil rights act when his membership in the KKK was uncovered? Again, no.

Were BushCo. campaigning (for four years) on "family" values, restoring "dignity" to the White House, and gay-bashing when their Texas Republican delivery boy laid one out over the plate with just a little too much contempt for non-salesmen in the room? They sure as hell were.

This is called suffering the consequences of your actions. Republicans are supposed to be for personal responsibility. But actions speak louder than words. In this administration actions typically contradict the words.

Jim Guckert is the gay-bashing gay prostitute in the press corps who personifies this entire administration's hypocrisy. The administration that can't get a fair shake from the spokespeople they've hired to impersonate reporters.

Also, POLITICAL prostitution as well as sexual. That seems to drop out of your thought process. Practice saying it a few times and it will come to you more easily. POLITICAL prostitute Jeff Guckert. Part of the party organization targeting Plame/Wilson, Daschle and Rather. POLITICAL prostitute.

Apparently your answer is that the press brought political prostitution on themselves? They couldn't repeat Republican talking points effectively enough, so the Republicans had to hire "reporters" to get the PR spin right?

Unfiltered news means "all PR, all the time." Your accusation is enough to make reporters proud. Sadly, they don't do nearly so well in fact, hence the repeated references to stenography in this thread. If wanting a press corps that isn't exclusively comprised of Republican salesmen is a liberal viewpoint, sign me up!

Posted by: Mark Anderson at February 26, 2005 07:49 PM | Permalink