Sunday, February 13, 2005

I'm Not a Journalist, But I Play One on TV: Will Jeff Gannon Ever Meet the Press?

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Jay Rosen, Press Think: Eason Jordan Resigns

Reply to Press Think Commenter, RM:

Well RM, after addressing the issue of why the Press secretary of the President of the United States would approve credentials for a man who was denied credentials in Congress for precisely the point you raise, that Talon was not an actual news organization, and address him at White House press conferences by a name the press secretary himself knew to be false because it did not match the name of the ID he had to present to get into the White House and get the credentials (and which married female reporters are forced to receive with married name even if they don't use it) we could move on to the role that Guckert played in the charade that we call Bush administration press conferences. The part stooges like Guckert play in Bush and McClellan's studied and deliberate avoidance of the people's business in the people's house in favor of idiotic GOP nonsense from poseurs like Guckert.

This administration periodically tries to freeze out reporters who don't act like Guckert. They are trying to enforce the "Talon" code of behavior on the entire press corps.

Guckert was a plant, put there by the GOP, to help Bush and Scott McClellan avoid explaining Bush administration policy to the American people. He is a fake reporter helping Scott McClellan conduct a fake press conference for the purposes of producing the only kind of news that is compatible with support for Bush administration policies: fake news. Why does your president allow things like this to happen in the White House?

Have you seen the board members and the resumes of the "non-partisan" GOP Leadership Institute where Guckert received his TWO DAYS of journalistic training?

The Leadership Institute's board of directors is made up of a variety of Republican donors and activists, including:

" * Fred Sacher, who contributed nearly $200,000 to GOPAC, former Representative Newt Gingrich's (R-GA) political committee, according to a November 16, 1995 article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Sacher was also one of the nation's biggest contributors to the Nicaraguan contras in the 1980s, donating $400,000, which prompted a personal letter of thanks from Marine Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North, according to a July 19, 1987, Los Angeles Times article. In the 1990s, Sacher financed a large-scale publicity effort that promoted Congressional Republicans' "Contract with America" by sending out faxes on a regular basis to between 600 and 700 journalists in the beginning of the 104th Congress, according to an October 17, 1996, Roll Call article.
* John P. Maxwell, former executive director of Campaign for Prosperity, the political action committee of then-Representative and presidential hopeful Jack Kemp (R-NY), as noted in a February 3, 1986, Associated Press report.
* Craig L. Murphy, who served as spokesman for Representative Joe L. Barton (R-TX), GOPAC's Texas chairman responsible for fund-raising in that area. Murphy issued a statement on Barton's behalf, according to the December 17, 1995, Los Angeles Times, in which he denied helping cement-producing company Southdown with a trade dispute in exchange for $25,000 in political contributions.
* Baker Armstrong Smith, former director of labor relations at the Housing and Urban Development Department under Reagan. Smith "resigned in 1983 after allegations that he sharply curbed HUD's enforcement program, improperly dismissed employees because of their union backgrounds, and had his former secretary type his master's thesis and mail his Christmas gifts," according to an April 27, 1986 article in The Washington Post.
* Ken Thornhill, former head of the Bush-Cheney 2000 Committee in Franklin Parish, Louisiana, which paid for newspaper ads that tried to paint former Vice President Al Gore "as a president who would confiscate guns," according to the November 2, 2000, edition of the Baton Rouge (Louisiana) Advocate.
* Eugene H. Methvin, appointed by Reagan in 1983 to the President's Commission on Organized Crime. He is an author and journalist whose writings have appeared in National Review, The Weekly Standard, and The American Spectator."

Gannon wrote attack articles on Daschle daily for a year. They were syndicated at GOPUSA as "news" items.
The articles have been purged from GOPUSA since the scam was exposed. The URL above is from a Google cache. Pretend newslines from TALON provide ready-made GOP fodder for distribution IN THE GUISE OF NEWS COVERAGE.

Gannon articles were linked to by the GOP payola blogger working for Thune to defeat Daschle, Jon Lauck.
That should be enough of an answer for now.

That's the point, RM, Guckert was part of a scam, in part run by the White House. You should be concerned that your elected president's press secretary was reading from the "Gannon is Guckert is a reporter" script and became part of the scam himself. The White House was involved in the process of enabling GOP political operatives to play journalists on TV. Is that cool with you?