Monday, January 10, 2005

"Liberal" Inflation

He that would rise at court must begin by creeping.--Poor Richard

Militantly pro-life New Jersey Representative Chris Smith was purged from the House Veterans Affairs Committee recently on the grounds that he is a "liberal."

Robert Novak:
"Smith is derided by the leadership as a "liberal" who is in organized labor's pocket, but his voting record is moderately conservative. For 2003, the American Conservative Union rated him 71 percent and his liberal rating from Americans for Democratic Action was 30 percent. Beginning his 13th term in the House, Smith, 51, is a hero in the pro-life movement and a dogged inquisitor into forced abortion in China. The leadership's problem with Smith has been his insatiable desire to make life better for veterans during 24 years on the Veterans Affairs Committee."

Word to the wise Republican House member:

Disagreeing with Tom Delay means you are a "liberal."

Sincerely trying to meet the government's responsibilities to veterans means you are a "liberal."

If you vote conservative 71% of the time, you are now a "liberal." What would the inflation rate on that calculate out to?

I thought conservatism was supposed to help bring inflation under control...

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